Maintenance of automatic transmission Fragagnano

manutenzione cambio automatico Fragagnano

Today more and more cars with the automatic transmission are being chosen for their comfort and safety. Indeed, the automatic transmission allows you to grab the steering wheel with two hands, so to maintain a more stable direction of your car.
Its maintenance is not to be neglected; on the contrary, it must be done in compliance with the distance travelled according to the manufacturer.
It is necessary to change the hydraulic oil and the oil filter. This operation is not so difficult but it requires a specific knowledge in this field. So we absolutely advise against the ‘do-it-yourself’. Come to our workshop for the maintenance of the automatic transmission in Fragagnano maximum every 60,000 kilometres.

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If you have an automatic transmission in your car you can focus totally on driving. From the first automatic transmission models until today, technology has considerably evolved, indeed the most recent models present a more agile driving and very low consumption.
In case of failure, it is important to make a diagnosis and proceed with the inspection.
We deal with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on every type of automatic transmission, with particular regard to the brand Smart.

Lavaggio cambio automatico

It is important to wash the automatic transmission because, exactly like the other mechanical compounds, it generates friction inside it, putting a number of impurities into circulation. To wash the internal part of the automatic transmission it must be completely unassembled with specific machineries, oils and additives. The oil of the automatic transmission tends to become more dense and to lose its properties, so it is better to replace it.
The different kinds of driving influences the change of the oil; if you drive in the city it will be necessary to change it more often because its compounds are affected by more stress and so they will wear out quickly.