Key car and remote control duplication Fragagnano


Duplicazione chiavi auto e telecomandi Fagagnano
At our workshop we deal with repair and duplication of car keys and remote controls in Fragagnano, applicable on every brand or model present on the market. Specifically we deal with duplication and repair of encoded keys and car remote controls, also in the case that you have lost the original ones, using high precision machines. Indeed, we are able to identify the original key directly from the lock or the control unit and make a precise copy.
You can ask for a duplication either for traditional mechanical keys and for those with remote control or with immobilizer encoded system. The duplications are made thanks to the support of some sophisticated electronic systems, able to duplicate every kind of keys present on the market, either national and international models.


Apart from the duplication, we also perform key reconstruction. With this system you can avoid replacing the entire control unit, so you can save time and money. It is a technologically evolved system which allows us to detect the imprint of the key, directly from the car’s lock so afterwards we can proceed with the execution of the electronic part.
The computerised machines that we use are at the forefront of the innovation; in this way we can offer products which are equal to the original one.
At our workshop you can also duplicate the keys of your vintage car.
We operate on cars and motorcycles’ keys as well as any other wheeled vehicle.

Chiave auto


You may also ask for the duplication of remote control and keys for automatic gates. We will promptly create your duplicate to let you open easily gates, garages and any automatic device. If you have an efficient remote control, you won’t need to get off to your car, you can avoid the exposure to bad weather conditions and you don’t need to lift heavy structures to gain the access.
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