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Mazza Service Car Fragagnano
Our company Mazza Service Car in Fragagnano, in the province of Taranto, rises in 1962. It was set up by Abramo Mazza, a professional in mechanical inspection and repair. Over time, with the arrival of Mario and Vito, sons of the pioneer, we have considerably extended our sectors of competence, in such a way that our business has become a point of reference in the mechatronic field. We have matched the skills of the mechanician together with the professionalism of the electrician, considering these two roles as inseparable, especially because of the ever wider electronic compounds in the last generation vehicles.
We represent the natural evolution of the car repairer’s role: nowadays our cars are actually very computerised, so it makes no sense to separate the mechanics from the electronics.

We carry out works of mechatronics, modern evolution of the mechanical engineering and we care about the performance of your car in any aspects. We use a smart approach to test the efficiency of your car which has become a very sophisticated vehicle. We have adapted to our customers’ requests because they use more and more intelligent cars, equipped with electronic central unit and computerised systems. We are skilled in analysing last generation cars and we inspect for the right diagnosis for either the mechanical and the electronic compounds of the vehicle. We are a standpoint in the province of Taranto, thanks to our ever updated training performance, always in step with the newest marketing requests.

Contact us at 0999561235, or 3665041666 or 3345250714 to test the quality of our work. We will be glad to have you as our customer.
Come and find out that taking care of your car has never been so easy!
We are opened every day from 8:00 19:00 Continued schedule (except for Sunday and Saturday afternoon).
If you don’t have a particular urgency, it is preferable to make an appointment in order to avoid unnecessary delays.